Immerwieder sonntags präsentiert das Brickboard einen besonderen Brickfilm. Egal ob Blockbuster oder Avantgarde, ob Klassiker oderbrandneu, ob lustig oder dramatisch – wir möchten die Vielfalt des Brickfilms abbilden!
Und deswegen auch mal ein Assay über einen THAC 2024 Brickfilm auf englischer Sprache:

Planet L611 has an extraordinary atmosphere building.
It starts with a great sound design in the starting scene, narrating a fuzzy retro-style experience like the old 80s classic movies. It uses different styles to alter the point of view of the spectator by not only using stop motion, but also camerawork with a fish-eye effect, narrating a vivid crowd anticipating the start of the rocket. Blurry clouds lead us to the expectation, that this rocket is about to start as the movie title appears. The lovely added sepia film along with the low resolution of the stills blend in perfectly in this aestetics.
In the next scene, we see a red blanked as a sign of a foreign mars-like planet and a stranded rocket we have seen before. Craters have been creatively formed in this landscape. The effort of designing this barren land is visible. The zoom on the rocket shows us a use of a medium in between macro- and microscale since the caracters and dimensions of future scenes are way different.
Next up is the first use of real-life siced non Brick utility, digging out a hole in the red soil. I wonder if a filter did the red surface of the soil, or if it was like spray painted. Two astronauts are talking to each other. They stand more or less still, but the murmur in the stills still makes it vivid and understandable.
The light shines in ray-like exposition on the back of the blue astronaut. They are digging out a case of armor. For that is zoomed in digitaly and slow.
The movements seem a bit jerky, but the fuzzy atmosphere also presented with the retro-like filter do a lot to build the illusion of an old movie where superfluid animation would break the illusion and would definetly be misplaced.
They are having an argument as they are in their spacesuits, the sound is filtered like through an old microphone and adds to the layers of this style. The scenerie is sometimes interrupted by stills of bare landscape of this barren planet.
Next scene. They are inside. The yellowish lighting and camera perspective make the black and white lines of the building sometimes look like rays or speed lines that are known from early comics. The argument continues as a play of camera perspectives and fish eye-like security camera-point of views. Introducing a variety of close shots in contrast to the large exposition shots from outside. Contributing to the tense situation they are in.
Now the real-life and brick shots get to their highest peak by adding a brick moustage to an actor in a spheric james-bond like shot for shadowing the rifle, red has in its hand.
The camera gets wobbly and crazy, as the situation escalates. The music gets more jazzy, signaling a tense argument and red starts to make rough and unhooked movements as he rages. A first shot has been made. The lazer deflects in a stroboscopic way on the inside walls showing a play of fps-animation differences. A showdown starts. The weapon on the floor, followed by shots timed to the music refers to an old movie cliche as they fight for it with their bare hands. The sound effects get more and more cartoonish and absurd as the music raises to the highest level of jazzines.
The screen gets blurry and fizzy again as the music gets quiet. Now the outside of the rocket is filmed again in different layers of micro- and semi-macroscale as it gets smaller and smaller until it is a single white dot, left on the red planet. The music gets calmer, as it leaves the viewer with his imagination who finally won the fight or how it ended at all.

Here you can see a lot of different film tecnics and impressions, that blend in perfectly with the astonishing sounddesign of this brickfilm and amazing camerawork.
The use and non-use of music is well timed and makes my heart of a musician spark with joy.
For me, not a single other THAC entry could show this depth and layers of tecnic, that makes this brickfilm a whole piece of art

And now: Big Hands for this amazing Brickfilm: …

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