Everyone is welcome at Brickboard, the biggest German Brickfilm community! Regardless of whether German is spoken or not. Most of us are also able to communicate in English. It is always allowed to write in English. If there are any questions, just ask in the forum!

In order to ensure a pleasant coexistence, we ask you to observe these rules and guidelines:

1. Remain polite! No personal attacks

Most people should be able to take care of themselves in their dealings with others. Now and then there is certainly the need to reprimand someone, but it should not be taken to extremes. Aggressive behaviour and targeted personal attacks don't help anyone. The same applies to film screenings: The makers have a right to constructive criticism; if you can't provide it, better leave it alone. Of course, racism and sexism have no place in our forum! Please refrain from insults, slurs, provocations or threats towards others.

2. X-rated/illegal links

Users of all ages have access to this forum. So please be careful what you post. To save us legal trouble, please also avoid links to sites with illegal content!

3. Spam

Please avoid absolutely pointless contributions that actually only take up space. As a rule, minor failures are tolerated, but please still consider whether you have something meaningful to say.

4. Commercial purposes

The Brickboard is a pure hobby forum and not a market place. Advertising or offers have no place here.

5. Second nicknames and fake accounts

They are not wanted, are not tolerated and usually do not remain undetected for long. If you have forgotten your password, do not register again but use the recovery function directly when logging in.

6. Do not distribute photos and videos without hesitation

Please respect copyright and the right to one's own image - do not use other people's photos without consent. Do not post pictures or videos that depict violence, degrade other people or show them in embarrassing situations.