#Stop Motion Sonntag 284: Dune Official Trailer in LEGO

#Stop Motion Sonntag 284: Dune Official Trailer in LEGO


authored by: AoW-Gamer

  • #Stop Motion Sonntag 284: Dune Official Trailer in LEGO

  • #Stop Motion Sonntag 283: Planet L611: THAC 2024

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Brick|film ['brɪkfɪlm], der; -s, -e <engl. »Klötzchenfilm«>:
Animationsfilm in Stop-Motion-Technik, der überwiegend mit Lego® und anderem Klicksteinmaterial gedreht wurde

Brick|board ['brɪkbɔːd], das; -s, - <engl. »Klötzchenbrett«>:
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Since 2004 the Brickboard is the German speaking portal for all Brickfilmers and Brickfilm-interested people. Originally it was only a discussion forum for Brickfilmers and was founded by Felix and Cornelius. In September 2014 Mirko took over the administration. In the course of 2021 to 2022, Andreas (A&M Studios) and three of his fellow developers Christiane Koch, Markus Wallner and Thomas Steiner renewed the Brickboard. The new graphics and badges come from Alexander (Legostudio01).

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